The sweetest way to happiness: Chocolate

A sweet welcome to the month of February which no doubt is one of the most rigid and unappreciated months of the year.

We therefore dedicate this month to chocolate, knowing it to be the most tasteful and sweet way to happiness.

At Eataly, we love chocolate. We love its rich, complex flavors and versatility in form and use.
During the entire month join us for many dedicated initiatives. There is something for everyone.

The sweetest way to happiness? Chocolate!

Let’s Aperitivo

An everyday taste of Italian Dolce Vita: “Let’s Aperitivo”. From thursdays to Saturdays from 5pm to 8pm enjoy a cheerful and relaxing moment at Riva Table with friends while savoring delicious antipasti and festive drinks.

Let’s Aperitivo

The more you know the more you enjoy

At La Scuola di Eataly, we believe that the more you know, the more you enjoy. We want you to discover our food, our chefs, and the producers who inspire us through our selection of cooking classes and events.

Check out the inspiring selection of courses we offer and choose the one that most appeals to the Italian hidden inside of you.

CEO Luca Baffigo, Eataly:

”We will introduce our concept including restaurant, market and education with high quality food for the first time on the Danish market. Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy traditional Italian food like pasta, pizza, authentic Italian sausage and cheese, coffee and ice cream and we will offer the opportunity to choose from a large selection of wines, olive oils, cheeses, sauces, pasta, meat – always with respect for the relationship between price and quality,”