Opening hours

Monday to Saturday  from 10-14
Sunday from 11-14

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Eataly, Lower ground floor

Italian Food Market 

Eataly dives deep into a world of breakfast with a wide selection of breakfast offerings across the market. Whether you prefer light or sweet, hearty or spicy or just a quick cup of coffee to start your morning.

Opens at 10.00

Holms Bager

Ground floor & Lower ground floor

Bakery & Café

In 1988, Holms opened in ILLUM as ILLUM’s Bager, but then later changed the name to Holms Bager, as Holm is the family’s surname. In all our shops, there are fresh and newly baked products.

Opens at 7.00

Original coffee


Quality Coffee

At Original Coffee, quality is served in every single cup. We are a coffee shop where quality, taste and personal service go hand in hand. We want to be a pocket in the city, inviting peace, immersion, and conversation.

Opens at 10.00


Rooftop Restaurant

Italian Cuisine & Lounge Bar

Maio Restaurant serves traditional dishes creating culinary Italian experiences out of the most creative ideas and using only the best ingredients.

Opens at 10.000



Primal Gastronomi

Palæo is Stone Age food – food based on the theory that our digestive system has not changed in line with the industrialization of our food production.

Opens at 10.00