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Ferm Living platter, 699 kr. Notem notepads, yellow: 59 kr, blue: 159kr. HAY toothbrushes, 25 kr. each. Hay vase, 499 kr. Serax vase, 600 kr. 

The calendar is approaching March which means a new season is just around the corner. Spring is all about saying goodbye to warm clothes, layers and staying indoors. Instead we welcome the sound of birds singing, wearing lightweight trench coats and taking strolls with a coffee to-go in hand. 

Spring is like a breath of fresh air after a long and cold Winter, so why not welcome the new season into your home? Here’s how to welcome Spring with just a few additions to your home interior. 



Nicolai Bergmann

Visit the shop on the 4th floor. 


Flower boxes

Large, 2.200 kr. 

Medium, 1.095 kr. 



It is hardly surprising that flowers contribute to an atmosphere of Spring in your home. Leave the colder nuances of Winter behind and welcome colorful flowers that complement the lighter colors of the season. If you wish to make your home look a bit more personal, you can choose to mix both vases and flowers. This creates an intriguing combination of colors and gives your home a sense of aliveness and positivity. Visit Nicolai Bergmann's inspiring world of flowers on the 4. floor and soak in all the creative details and colorful expressions.  



Color Crate - small, 39 kr. 



Vase, 350 kr. 

Pastel Colors 


Soft nuances in your interior suits the season of Spring very well. Try implementing simple pieces in pastel colors to create a bright and outgoing vibe in your home. It can be by updating your sofa with a new pillow or buying a beautiful vase – sometimes simple details make all the difference.


Bela Silva for Serax

Vase, 400 kr. 


Bjarni Sigurdsson

Plate, 250 kr. 



Unique plates, a beautiful vase or decorative cups – ceramics is an easy way to create a sense of personality and spring in your home. Take inspiration in different designs, colors and textures that do not necessarily match. This makes your home stand out and seem less curated.   



Fjord, 200 ml. 400 kr. 



Aramara, 500 ml. 585 kr. 



Lovely scents that lead your mind towards memories of flowers, nature and cozy Spring days. You can easily create the aroma of Spring by adding a home scent to your decor. This season you should go for one that complements both your favorite smells and your personality. At ILLUM Design Atelier, you will find a selection of home scents that won’t disappoint.  

All products are available at ILLUM Design Atelier on the 4th floor.   

Editorial staff

Photographer: Andreas Pless
Stylist: Tine Daring