Mon-sat 10-22, kitchen 10-22
Sun 10-20, kitchen 10-20

Skagen Fiskerestaurant can be found at ILLUM ROOFTOP

Fresh Fish & Seafood

On top of Denmark, at Skagen harbour, lies is the legendary fish warehouse, designed by Thorvald Bindesbøll. Here, Skagen Fiskerestaurant has been housed in more than 40 years. Skagen is now ready with their second restaurant, this time in central Copenhagen.

Skagen has a strong opinion about food and the good ingredients. As the name indicates, fish is the key element of their menu, meaning, fresh fish and seafood, found in the waters around Skagen.

Skagen does not cut the corners of the kitchen table, but prepare all dishes completely from scratch and do not compromise on the raw materials or cooking. You get seafood as it should and must be served. Bon appetite.

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on tel. 3318 2647