Do you need to get your dress taken in, need alterations to your old clothing or need other custom tailoring services? Then let our tailor help you. Please consult with our Customer Lounge & Services in ILLUM UNDERGROUND.

Dry cleaning

Clothes can be handed in to Customer Services in ILLUM UNDERGROUND, from where they will be delivered to Jet Clean .

Tailoring Services

Our tailor, Papilio Tailored Fashion, is located at Borgergade. The team consists of trained tailors who specialize in men, women and children’s clothing as well as leather garments,  furniture and much more. Papilio Tailored Fashion provides great attention to your clothes and transform it at a high level, both when alterating garments and sewing products from scratch. Papilio Tailored Fashion tailor for both private and business customers.

Talior services can be requested all week and delivery time can be customized according to customer needs.

Consult with ILLUM Customer Lounge and Services in ILLUM UNDERGROUND, and hand in your clothes for alterations or other tasks.

Dry cleaning


Clothes handed in before 10am on Monday, will be available for collection the following Thursday after 12pm. If handed in on a Thursday before 10am, they can be collected the following Monday after 12pm. There is a 2-3 week delivery time for leather and table cloths. Payment is made in advance when clothes are left with Customer lounge & Services.


Check out their website www.jetclean.dk

If you wish to make a complaint, please contact Jet Clean by support@jetclean.dk.