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  • Monday 10.00 - 20.00
  • Tuesday 10.00 - 20.00
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  • Thursday 10.00 - 20.00
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January 30th - Marts 26th

ILLUM Rooftop
Music sessions

Thursday, January 30thSøs Fenger

Thursday, February 20thErann DD

Thursday, February 27thMoonjam

Thursday, Marts 26thKlubien spiller DANSEORKESTRET

Dj from 16:00 – live concerts from 20:30

Book your table at one of our exciting restaurants or cafés, and get an unforgettable intimate music experience.


Saturday, February 8th

Balmain haute couture hair styling

Book a 30-minute appointment now and receive personal care and styling advise for your hair by our Balmain Paris Hair Couture Session Stylist!

You will also receive a quick re-touch/updo on your hair style, inspired by the latest trends from the Catwalk. 

You will receive a nice goodie bag after the service and with the purchase of either an Overnight Repair Serum, Hair Perfume or 5 Week Enriching Treatment you will receive a Signature Foundation Travel Set as a present.

Where: please meet us at the Balmain Paris Hair Couture counter at the Beauty Lab

Book your appointment HERE

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February 13th - February 14th

ILLUM Artist week
with Normann X Brask

Come join us for a celebration of the Normann X Brask collection in ILLUM Design Atelier. 

In collaboration with art curator Jens-Peter Brask and Danish and international artists, Normann Copenhagen presents a special collection at the intersection of art and design.

Ten artists have worked together with Normann Copenhagen to convey their artistic practice in an object that traverses the border between art and design, giving us their interpretation of integrating art into the practice of everyday life

Thursday you can bring your kids for a complementary face painting while you have the chance to meet & greet with Jens-Peter Brask when he will be signing his newest book : Brask Studio III

Friday we turn up the music and offer delicious cocktails from Rebael and an exciting lecture with Jens-Peter Brask about his collaboration with Normann Copenhagen. 

Sign up for the lecture  HERE

Tuesday, February 4th

Luxurious facial treatment
from Bioeffect

BIOEFFECT offers a luxurious facial treatment that gives the skin a beautiful glow and improves the texture and firmness of the skin.

The award-winning products from BIOEFFECT contain the growth factor EGF, a noble-winning ingredient that stimulates the skin's own renewal processes and rebuilds the skin's collagen and elastin fibers.

The treatment is 750 DKK and is reimbursed by the purchase of two BIOEFFECT products.

Book your appointment HERE

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Tuesday, March 23rd

Sensai silky skin facial

SENSAI's exceptional facial treatments for women and men are designed to de-stress while delivering silkier skin.

They reflect over 20 years of research into the psychological and physiological implications of stress, and the role sensory therapy can play in countering it.

Featuring products formulated with traditional Chinese herbal extracts, they promote the flow of energy (Qi), blood (Ketsu), and water (Sui) through your body, thus helping to restore equilibrium to your physical and mental processes. The result is an immediate improvement in skin texture and luminosity as well as a feeling of renewal and empowerment all over.

Book your appointment HERE

Friday, January 31st

NUORI signature treatment

NUORI’s signature FRESH treatment, combines targeted manual techniques with our freshly blended premium skincare products.

Using NUORI’s 100% natural and highly effective formulas, each treatment infuses the skin with potent doses of active nutrients, natural vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants.

The result is a skin that is rejuvenated and replenished and a mind that is refreshed. 

The treatment is 625 DKK and is reimbursed by the purchase of two NUORI products.

Book your appointment HERE

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Barbie through the ages

From February 7th to February 28th, you can experience our special exhibition at ILLUM Design Atelier with Barbie through the ages from the 1960s to 1990.

Friday bar at ILLUM Rooftop

Start your weekend at ILLUM Rooftop with delicious cocktails every friday from 4 -10 pm.