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  • Monday 10.00 - 20.00
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Fall scavenger hunt

Week 42

Where: Design Atelier, 4th Floor

When: week 42

Bring the entire family for a scavenger hunt in ILLUM. We have placed the iconic Kay Bojesen wooden animals around Design Atelier on the 4th Floor, where it is up to you to find them all. 

By filling out the competition slip with the correct number of animals, you join the competition to win a Kay Bojesen bear with a value of 1.995 kr. 

The winner will be drawn October 27 and will be contacted directly. 


Let the scavenger hunt begin!

kay bojesen.jpg
Senba zuru event 1080x1350px-6.jpg
Origami workshop with artist Tune Holstein

September 27 - October 24

Where: Open MUJI, 4th floor 

Date: September 27 - October 24

Time: 10.00 - 20.00

In Japan, the crane is the symbol of longevity, good luck and health therefore we have an old Japanese tradition to make a wish for good luck, recovery from the illness and longevity by folding 1000 cranes and display.

Join us for folding Senba-zuru (1000 cranes) and let’s all make a wish together.

Floral workshop at Nicolai Bergmann

October 30

Where: Nicolai Bergmann, 4th Floor

When: October 30

In this workshop, you get inspiration and great tips and ideas for creating your own fall decoration with the most beautiful fresh flowers - in flower power fall colors!

In the workshop you will learn the creative process of making sublime floral art, but you will also learn to see what it takes for your decoration to be harmonious and beautiful.

Workshop ticket: 350 kr. 

Time slots:
Kl. 11.30-13.00
Kl. 13.00-14.30
Kl. 15.30-17.00
Kl. 17.00-18.30

Ticket link will be up soon

30. okt.jpg
20. nov.jpg
Make your own iconic Nicolai Bergmann Flower Box

November 20

Where: Nicolai Bergmann, 4th Floor

When: November 20

Many people know the flower boxes that Nicolai Bergmann invented 20 years ago. And since then, many have found great inspiration in the idea of making a similar box of flowers. Christmas is approaching, and now you have the chance to make your own and unique flower box - for you, or someone you hold dear.

Workshop ticket 225 kr.

Time slots:
Kl. 11.30-12.30
Kl. 12.30-13.30
Kl. 13.30-14.30
Kl. 15.30-16.30
Kl. 16.30-17.30
Kl. 17.30-18.30

Ticket link will be up soon

Kids hair styling

October 23

Where: Design Atelier, 4th Floor

When: kl. 14.00-17.00

Date: October 23


Bring the kids to the 4th Floor where the lovely children's hairdresser, Maria, will be ready to style fun and festive hair. Plenty of styles are available, such as curls, braids, colors, and glitter. 

Get ready for all the fall activities with a fun and exciting hair style. 


The service is free and does not require a booking.

Festive face painting

October 24

Where: Design Atelier, 4th Floor

When: kl. 14.00-17.00

Date: October 24


Stop by Design Atelier on the 4th Floor, where SminkepigerneDK are making beautiful face paintings. Motives such as a cat, tiger, princess or scary Halloween faces can be done on all children. 

Get ready for fun and games with the coolest look. 


The service is free and does not require a booking. 

Installation by Reevein Studios

Where: Design Atelier, 4th Floor

Time: every day until November 11

What does the future flower look like? How is the symbolism maintained? And how is a reinterpretation established where art and flowers meet? These are some of the questions Reevein Studios seeks to answer with a universe interrogating what the future flower will look like based on historical and symbolic grounds.  

Reveeins Studios’ artwork for ILLUM is a melted rose petal created in a futuristic Funghi-universe and design language, all as an indication of the eternal life cycle. 


Reevein Studios is a slow flower art studio reinterpreting the flower as an art object focusing on sustainability.


Marking Breath w/Sophie Dupont

Where:  2nd Floor

Time: every day until November 11


Experience Sophie Dupont's performance art in Shoe Heavem on the 2nd Floor. Dupont marked her breath on a silver plate from sunrise at 6:17 to sunset at 20:01 to create her anniversary piece for ILLUM.


Sophie Dupont is a painter and performance artist with degrees from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and London Contemporary Dance School. She creates a meditative space of proximity and peace surrounding her, which can be considered a response to our society’s abundance of stimuli. Sophie Dupont compares her work as an artist with that of an anthropologist, in her constant search of what it means to be human.


Poetry exhibition w/Caspar Eric

Where: 1st Floor

Time: every day until November 11


Poet Caspar Eric has written the poem Autumn/Winter catalogue 2151 for our 130th anniversary. In the poem, Caspar Eric uses his pop-poetry to highlight consumer shame and the desire to constantly renew oneself. The poem is a portrait of the feverish experience shopping can be, the pursuit of dreams, and the conception of fashion's place in a world that is about to die.    

Caspar Eric's poem will be exhibited, on the 1st Floor, on a rack of t-shirts as a part of his installation. 

Caspar Eric foto.jpg

Paper installation w/Veronica Hodges

Where:  Ground Floor

Time: every day until November 11


Experience a gigantic paper installation in the old atrium in ILLUM. The installation is made as a tribute to Mother Nature: Omnious Vita.

Designer and scenographer Veronica Hodges works within art, fashion and staging. She is very concerned with creating art experiences that substantiate the existing experience of a space or story. Veronica Hodges always works with the ambition of telling her audience how important it is that we care for the earth, and cherish the gift it is to live here. 


Every Thursday & Friday between 16-19

Oysters on the top of ILLUM

Where:  Skagen Fiskerestaurant ILLUM Rooftop, 4th floor


Every Thursday and Friday Skagen Fiskerestaurant offers fresh oysters with toppings – you'll get 6 for 100 DKK.

Enjoy a Skagen G&T, a Dark 'n Stormy or Aperol Spritz to the tones of ILLUMs Rooftop DJ.